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Organisation Structure

Urban Renewal Authority

Effective from 1 August 2016

URA Board
Managing Director
Executive Director (Operations)
  • Building Rehabilitation Division

    Development and Implementation of Policies and Initiatives on Building Rehabilitation
    Promotion of Building Rehabilitation
    Building Conditions Survey and Building Care Management Information System
  • Works & Contracts Division

    Project Implementation Agreements
    Construction Projects including Self-delivered Development Projects
    Term Contracts and Demolition Contracts
    Design and Construction Policies and Standards
    Quality Assurance
    Revitalisation Projects
  • Acquisition & Clearance Division

    Freezing Survey
    Rehousing and Compensation
    Management of Acquired Properties and Rehousing Blocks
    Facilitating Services
  • Legal Services Department

    In-house Legal Services
    Procurement of Consultants and Contractors and Joint Venture Developers
Executive Director (Commercial)
  • Planning & Design Division

    Overall Research and Planning for Redevelopment Projects
    Project Identification for Corporate Plan and Business Plan
    Social Impact Assessment
    Design for Redevelopment and Preservation Projects
    Process Objections to Development Projects
    Preparation of Development Schemes for Submission to Town Planning Board
    Planning, Management, Overseeing Operations and Activities of Standalone Conservation Projects
    Implementation of Plans, Design and Traffic / Transport Facilities
    Reprovisioning and Maintenance of Interim GIC Facilities
    Corporate Plan and Business Plan
    Corporate Objectives Formulation and Evaluation
    Corporate Sustainability Policies and Initiatives
    Legislative Council URA Work Report
  • Property & Land Division

    Project Feasibility Studies and Assessment of Acquisition Offers
    Policies on Acquisition Offers
    Valuations for Corporate and Business Plans and Property Assets 
    Land Grant and Administration
    Joint Venture Commercial Terms
    Property Sales and Leasing
    Management and Maintenance of URA-owned Properties and Public Facilities
    Compliance with Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance
    Management, Overseeing Operations and Activities of Standalone Conservation Projects
  • Corporate Services Department

    Secretary to the Board and Corporate Services
  • Corporate Communications Division

    Community Engagement Strategy, Programmes and Projects
    District Advisory Committees
    Publications for Corporate and Operation
    Press Relations and Events
    Publicity, Promotions, Corporate Advertising, Education and Extensions Programmes
    Public Enquiries, Requests for Assistance and Complaints
    Management and Operation of the Urban Renewal Exploration Centre
    Local and Overseas Visitors
    Implementation of Arts and Cultural Partnership Programme in Old Urban Districts
    Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes
  • Finance Division

    Financial Planning & Management
    General Accounting
    Treasury and Funding
    Accounts Receivables Management
    Information Technology
  • Human Resources Division

    Organisational Effectiveness
    Talent Management
    Succession Planning
    Employee Engagement
    Staff Wellbeing
    Office Accommodation and Facilities Management
    Human Resource Management
  • Internal Audit Department (reports to Audit Committee functionally and to MD on daily administration)

    Operational & Value-for-Money Audits
Last updated at: 2016.08.04