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Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability is URA's corporate commitment. It interweaves the various stages of urban renewal as well as being a tenet that drives our policies and operations. In addition to environmental sustainable efforts, we are also committed to ensuring social sustainability in our work. In the latter half of 2012, a dedicated team was set up to coordinate our sustainability efforts.

Selected sustainability performance indicators:

Based on 48 redevelopment projects commenced by the URA up to March 2013 -
Public Open Space 26,000 m2
GIC Facilities 53,000 m2
Based on 8 Projects attaining BEAM Platinum (Final) Rating as of March 2013 -
Annual Energy Reduction 7% - 20%
Annual Water Saving 30% - 41%
Construction Waste Recycling 50% - 98%
For 2012/13 financial year -
Leasing to non-government organisations and Social Enterprises in URA properties 2080 m2

Leasing to non-government organisations in designated Government, Institution or Community areas

3890 m2
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Environmental Commitment
Environmental Commitment
We aim at creating an environmentally-sustainable, high quality and vibrant urban environment providing better homes in Hong Kong.
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Caring Organisation
Caring Organisation
We care for the community, employees and environment.
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Last updated at: 2013.12.20