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To tackle the problem of urban decay more effectively, redevelopment will take more diverse forms with the URA as "implementer" or "facilitator" in order to respond to owners' aspirations. Apart from initiating a redevelopment project on its own, the URA may respond to a joint approach from building owners to initiate redevelopment of their lot(s)/building(s). After considering factors like the building conditions, living conditions and other factors, the URA as an "implementer" may commence a redevelopment project under this owner "demand-led" approach in accordance with the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance. As a "facilitator", the URA will provide assistance to owners to help them go through the technical and complicated process of joint sale.

Redevelopment targets old, dilapidated buildings with poor living conditions. These sites will be replanned and rebuilt to achieve clear environmental and social benefits such as open space and community facilities. Where possible, the URA will assemble larger areas of land for comprehensive planning. This will enable restructuring, for example of the local road and transport network and open spaces, to achieve a better utilisation of land and improve the overall district environment.

The URA continues to pursue excellence in project planning, building design and construction standards, with particular emphasis on environmental friendliness, maintenance efficiency and durability.

Last updated at: 2017.07.24