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Full implementation of the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) was commenced on 30 June 2012. Owners of buildings aged 30 or above are required to carry out inspections of their buildings, including common parts, external walls, projections and signboards, once every 10 years. To assist owners in complying with the statutory requirements, Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) and Urban Renewal Authority (URA) launch the Mandatory Building Inspection Subsidy Scheme to provide financial assistance to eligible owners.

URA and HKHS reserve the right to amend the eligibility criteria and / or details of the subsidy.

For application and enquiries, please call (Building Maintenance Assistance Schemes Hotline) on 3188 1188.

Application Notes (Chinese version only)


Service Areas Map of Mandatory Building Inspection Subsidy
 (Chinese version only)



1. Private residential or composite (commercial & residential)
buildings aged 30 or above excluding residential buildings not exceeding 3 storeys;and

2. Received Pre-notification Letter(s) or Statutory
Notice(s) on the MBIS issued by the Buildings Department (BD); and

3. Of an average Rateable Value per residential unit not exceeding $162,000 p.a. for properties in the urban areas (including Shatin, Kwai Tsing and Tsuen Wan); or $124,000 p.a. for properties in the New Territories; and

4. Buildings not in single ownership.


Application Requirements

Buildings with Owners' Corporation (OC)

  • Application for subsidy resolved in Management Committee Meeting or OC General Meeting; and
  • Authorised member(s) Management Committee to sign the relevant documents.

Buildings without OC

  • Application resolved in Owners' Meeting; and
  • Authorized representative(s) (must be Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC) manager / property management company / registered owner) to sign the relevant documents.   

(The resolution and authorization shall obtain a consensus from 100% owners or follow the requirements of relevant DMC).

Applicant is required to employ the Registered Inspector for the Prescribed Inspection according to the Buildings Ordinance and Registered Inspector shall be appointed after Approval-in-Principle is granted under the Scheme.




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Subsidy Amount

The subsidy cap is determined according to the total number of residential and commercial units of the target building(s) covered by the same DMC. If BD does not select all building blocks under the same DMC into the target building list in one batch, the subsidy cap will be based on a total number of units of those selected building blocks which received MBIS statutory notice(s) issued by BD in the same batch.

Number of units

Subsidy amount

20 units or below

up to $  25,000

21 to 49 units

up to $  35,000

50 to 200 units

up to $  60,000

201 units or above

up to $100,000

Use of Subsidy

  • Confines to the expenses on the first Prescribed Inspection for common parts conducted by a Registered Inspector according to relevant statutory requirements and the Code of Practice for the MBIS & Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS).
  • If the actual expenses of Prescribed Inspection of building do not exceed the subsidy cap and the owners have received Pre-notification Letter(s) or Statutory Notice(s) on the MBIS and MWIS at the same time, any remaining subsidy may be used to employ the same Registered Inspector or Registered Inspector / Qualified Person in the same company to the conduct Prescribed Inspection of windows in common parts.

Areas NOT covered by the Subsidy

  • Other expenses such as the cost of Detailed Investigation, Prescribed Repair and window inspection & repair in individual private units.
  • Applications for subsidy solely for inspection of MWIS items or individual items in non-common parts alone are not eligible.

Application Form and Notes

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Other Support

The existing one-stop Integrated Building Maintenance Assistance Scheme (IBMAS) organized by URA will provide financial assistance and technical support to building owners in formation of Owners' Corporation and conduct the Prescribed Repair as required by the inspection report of MBIS.


Frequently Asked Question

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Last updated at: 2017.06.27