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Chairman's Message

Chairman's message

Victor So Hing-woh, SBS, JP
Chairman, Urban Renewal Authority



Welcome to the website of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA). 

A “People first, district-based, public participatory” approach has been the guiding principle for all of us at the URA to carry out our work.  This corporate website has been redesigned to fully reflect this people-first concept with an aim to create a truly user-centric experience for the people who use its services.



There is no place like home.  But as time goes by, certain districts of our home town may inevitably become run-down.  Some tens of thousands of households are now living in dilapidated buildings with poor living conditions.  Fighting urban decay through urban renewal is a vital part in the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

Entrusted with a mission to address this growing problem of urban decay, aiming to create a quality and vibrant living for the people of Hong Kong, the URA was established under the Urban Renewal Authority Ordinance in May 2001 as the statutory body to undertake, encourage, promote and facilitate the regeneration of the older urban areas of Hong Kong.

To take forward urban renewal in Hong Kong, the URA has adopted a diverse approach by way of redevelopment, rehabilitation, preservation and revitalisation which we collectively name as the 4R strategy.  Over the years, urban renewal has evolved from taking care of old buildings and improving the quality of living of the people in old urban districts, to improving the built environment through strategic planning and design, thereby achieving bigger community benefits.

Lately, the URA is exploring more dynamic and forward looking approaches in urban renewal and has achieved breakthroughs like district-based redevelopment for better urban fabrics with improved road networks for vehicles and pedestrians, as well as open space.

Notwithstanding this, we have never stopped looking for innovations and better ways to undertake our 4R works.  In view of the challenges and opportunities at the present moment and in the foreseeable future, we have embarked on a number of major studies to look into the breadth and depth of the problem of urban decay, aiming to formulate urban renewal solutions that enable us to rise to the challenges and take urban regeneration to new dimensions and be sustainable. 

Urban renewal is a complex and challenging task.  Let’s join hands to create a high quality and vibrant urban living for Hong Kong, our home.  

Victor So Hing-woh, SBS, JP
Chairman, Urban Renewal Authority