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Highlights of the 15 years of URA

Highlights of the 15 years of URA

An exhibition with panels, video and models was set up at the URA's 15th anniversary cocktail reception, showcasing its achievements in redevelopment, rehabilitation, preservation and revitalisation, as well as its new holistic and district-based approach to rejuvenate the old districts with more community benefits while improving the living environment of residents.

Panels on the URA's achievements (2001-2016)

 Challenges faced by the URA and its mission in tackling urban decay in Hong Kong.
 The URA's work in redevelopment achieving environmental and social benefits.
 The URA's comprehensive range of assistance to owners in building rehabilitation. 
 The URA's efforts in preserving heritage buildings, revitalising old districts and promoting corporate sustainability. 

URA's new holistic and district-based approach in redevelopment to enhance social and planning benefits.