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URA welcomes re-appointment of Executive Director

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) Board today (Monday) welcomed the re-appointment of Ms Iris Tam Siu-ying as an Executive Director of the URA for another term of three years, effective from 1 September 2009.

"As one of the Executive Directors of the URA, Ms Tam's vast knowledge and expertise in urban regeneration, in particular in the areas of town planning and sustainable development, are invaluable for advancing the Authority's missions," said the URA Chairman, Mr Barry Cheung.

"We are now at a time when social expectations for urban renewal are rising and the Urban Renewal Strategy is under review seeking a revised direction, Ms Tam's solid experience gained in the field over last three years is definitely an asset to the URA to take forward the urban renewal programme," said Mr Cheung.

On her re-appointment, Ms Tam, a Town Planner by training, said she was very honoured by the re-appointment and would continue to serve the community for its overall benefits.  "I look forward to working closely with the URA Board, the Management team and all staff, the Government, especially the Development Bureau, Legislative Council, District Councils, and all other stakeholders, in undertaking urban renewal in the years ahead," Ms Tam added.