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Mr Quinn Law presenting awards to the winner
Mr Quinn Law presenting awards to the winner

URA Photo Competition on Historical Buildings

Distinguished winners of a photographic competition featuring historical buildings in Central are awarded for their creativity and flair at a presentation ceremony today (Saturday).  The competition is part of an education initiative of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) to enhance public awareness of the uniqueness and characters of historical buildings in the district through the cameras of the participants.
Selected masterpieces of the competition are being exhibited at the refurbished corridor of the Central Oasis in Central for public viewing for three weeks.

At the presentation ceremony, the Managing Director of the URA, Mr Quinn Law, said the URA has all along adopted a comprehensive 4Rs strategy, i.e. redevelopment, rehabilitation, preservation and revitalisation when implementing urban renewal projects in the Central & Western district.

The Central & Western district is full of historical elements and buildings such as the Central Market, the Bridges Street Market, the Western Market, the Man Mo Temple, the Pak Tsz Lane, the Central Police Station Compound, YMCA and the Police Married Quarters at Hollywood Road.

Jointly organised by the URA, the Photographic Society of Hong Kong, the Photographic Salon Exhibitors Association, Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers, the Hong Kong Art of Photography Association and Hong Kong Education City, the competition is divided into public and secondary school sections.  Response is overwhelmingly encouraging and some 770 entries have been received since it was held December last year.

The Chairman of the Central & Western District Council, Mr Chan Tak-chor, also officiated at today's presentation ceremony.