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Heritage Preservation & Revitalisation

G7 Centre at Wing Lee Street

Frontage of G7 Centre at Wing Lee Street
Frontage of G7 Centre at Wing Lee Street
Entrance of Exhibition Area
Entrance of Exhibition Area
Projector facility of the Exhibition Area
Projector facility of the Exhibition Area


G7 Centre was previously one of the premises acquired by the URA for the purpose of redevelopment under the development scheme plan (DSP) of Staunton Street and Wing Lee Street (H19 Project) (Check it outat the"Story of Wing Lee Street").

In order to address the public aspiration and the planning intention, TPB had gone through a series of discussion on the future planning of WLS area.  In 2011, TPB rezoned WLS as "Comprehensive Development Area", and imposed a condition that any future redevelopment at this area shall not exceed 4 storeys.  This will preserve the ambience of WLS defined by the proportion of height of the existing buildings to the width of the terrace.  As a result, WLS including G7 WLS was excised from the DSP of the URA.

Excise of Wing Lee Street

Since WLS was no longer a redevelopment project to be carried out by the URA.  URA has taken the initiatives to rehabilitate the properties acquired at No. 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 & 12 WLS and license them to NGOs to enhance the community sense of the area.

The Challenge

As the buildings were built in the 50's and not all adjoining building owners are willing to carry out their renovation works.  Therefore, renovating these acquired buildings and put them into meaningful use to comply with the current building & safety code is another challenge.

Wing Lee Street G7 Centre

URA submitted to Buildings Department an application for the change of use at G/F of No.7 WLS from domestic use to an information office i.e. the G7 Centre. The G7 Centre was opened to the public from 2013 to early 2017.  The purpose of the G7 Centre is to serve as an exhibition cum event space for various activities and community endearment.  Events to be organized at WLS will enhance the ambience of the terrace through human interactions.  The place has leased to a NGO to organize activity for community benefit.

The Story of Wing Lee Street

The row of old tenement buildings which were built in the 1950s was originally included in the URA H19 Development Scheme Plan in 2007. The planning intention is to comprehensively redevelop the area for urban and environmental improvement. These buildings were not graded buildings by the AMO. Although these buildings were considered having no historical nor architectural merits by the AMO, URA considers the terrace fronting these buildings should be preserved. Thus in the original redevelopment proposal prepared by URA, although these old buildings were to be redeveloped, they would be rebuilt to the same height and proportion to respect the significance and character of the Wing Lee 'Terrace'.

In 2010, a local movie was filmed at Wing Lee Street (WLS) to mimic an old community in Sham Shui Po. This award winning movie has arose call from some concern groups to preserve all the buildings on WLS in-situ. In respond to the public aspiration, the Town Planning Board in 2011 excised all the building on WLS from the URA H19 Development Scheme but rezoned it as a separate CDA site.

Who's there?

Light Be (Social Realty)

Social Realty is initiated by Light Be (Social Realty) Company Ltd. which aims at providing residence service on contractual basis to the families in need.  The rent is levied according to the affordability of the residence.

For further information, please refer to below link:


Residence for the youth under job training programme is initiated by The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong.

The residence programme aims at providing temporary residence service to the youth who have participated in the job training programme.

For further information, please refer to below link:


WL Residence is initiated by the Hong Kong federation of youth groups.

WL Residence is to support 18 to 24 year-old youths who struggle with family problem or temporarily need a transitional place to stay.  WL Residence provides a safe place with shelter, care, life planning guidance and support.

For further information, please refer to below link:


Reconnect Limited is a charity non-profit organization (NGO). Through interactive education experiences, we instill environmental values and thus influence youth's behaviour.

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