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Staunton Street / Wing Lee Street Project (H19)

Staunton Street, Sheung Wan
1,285 square metres (area excluding the existing streets and lanes within the site)
Existing GFA
3,049 square metres
Affected population
About 98
Affected property interests
Affected no. of street
19 street numbers of buildings
Site B
Site B
Site C
Site C

Project Status

URA is now studying the way forward of achieving revitalisation initiatives for the project.  The Town Planning Board has proposed to rezone H19.  Planning process is underway.  The draft Outline Zoning Plan is available for public inspection for a period of two months from 9 August 2019 to 9 October 2019 at the locations listed in the Government Gazette.  Any person can make representation to the TPB no later than 9 October 2019.


In response to public aspirations of preserving the buildings within H19 and the Chief Executive in the 2018 Policy Address has tasked URA with having conserved the buildings in Wing Lee Street, will carry out further study with a view to revitalising the building clusters with special character and urban fabric with H19 so as to promote place making and synergise with nearby revitalisation projects. In this connection, a study is being carry out to achieve revitalisation initiatives in the area of H19.

Project Programme

Yet to be determined