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Central Market

Project Site Information

Location:80 Des Voeux Road Central, Central
Site Area:About 4,153 sq.m.
Completion year:1939
Antiquities Authority GradingGrade 3 Historic Building

Project Status

Central Market Revitalisation Project is a response to the Chief Executive's Policy Address in 2009 that the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) was tasked to revitalise the Central Market under the new initiative of "Conserving Central".

A Community Advisory Committee was set up to conduct an extensive public engagement exercise from 2009 to 2011 to collect views and gauge public aspirations on the future use and operation of the revitalised Central Market building.  In 2015, the URA announced that it would adopt a simplified version of design to preserve the old building. The plan was later approved by the Town Planning Board (TPB) in March 2016. Subsequently, the General Building Plan was approved by Buildings Department in November 2016.

The Project will provide a total floor area of about 12,000 square metres, including the roof and other ancillary facilities, for affordable cultural and retail facilities.  According to the TPB's approved scheme, an open space of 1,000 square metres will be provided at the existing atrium and entrance plaza facing Queen's Road Central, while the external walls on the ground floor facing Jubilee Street and Queen Victoria Street will be opened up to enhance accessibility and connectivity.  The new façade facing Des Voeux Road Central will also be re-instated to enhance visual permeability of the building.

An Ad-hoc committee was set up in January 2016 under the URA Board to take forward the implementation of the project and its future management and operation in accordance with the guiding principles, in particular in connection with the provision of affordable cultural and retail uses, which were formulated by the former Community Advisory Committee as a result of the three-year extensive public engagement exercise. 

In March 2017, the Chief Executive-in-Council approved to grant the site to URA for 21 years by way of private treaty for the revitalisation of the building and its future operation.

Subject to obtaining necessary approvals from relevant Government departments, the URA targets to start relevant building works in the third quarter of 2017 and complete the project by 2021/22.

The URA will keep the Central and Western District Council and relevant stakeholders informed of the progress of the project. 





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    Facade facing Queens Road Central
    Design of Façade Facing Des Voeux Road Central
    Artist Impression of Open Space Facing Queen’s Road Central
    Artist Impression of Open Space at Atrium
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