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Central Market

Project Site Information

Location:80 Des Voeux Road Central, Central
Site Area:About 4,153 sq.m.
Completion year:1939
Antiquities Authority GradingGrade 3 Historic Building

Project Status

"Central Oasis" Revitalization Project

"Central Oasis" Revitalization Project is a response to the Chief Executive's Policy Address in 2009 that Urban Renewal Authority (URA) was tasked to revitalize the Central Market under the new initiative of "Conserving Central".

As Central Market was built in 1939, there is no record plan or structural plan.  URA initially projected a preliminary cost estimate of about $500 million for renovating and refurbishing the existing building to provide greenery and leisure area amidst the hustle and bustle of Central. 

Public Open Space (POS) of 1,000m² is required under the Outline Zoning Plan approved after the announcement of the Project.  However, results of structural investigations reveal that the existing roof slab is structurally inadequate to support the POS.  As a balance solution between conservation and provision of POS, a conceptual scheme with an additional new structure above the existing building was proposed at that time for provision of POS to fulfill the public aspiration.  Whilst two Judicial Reviews had been lodged and caused delays to the Project, the planning application for the proposal was approved by the Town Planning Board in July 2013 and the General Building Plan (GBP) was approved by the Buildings Department in August 2014. 

Based on the detailed requirements set out in the approved GBP, the Project was then estimated to cost about $1,500 million taking into account the complexity in construction and the construction time was estimated to be about 8 years.  In response to URA Board's direction, refinements to details of the design scheme have been explored, not only balancing the effective expenditure of public money whilst keeping the mainstream public aspirations, but also addressing the concern raised by the Central and Western District Council and the public to expedite the Project. 

On 22 September 2015, URA Board approved the refinements to the scheme of "Central Oasis" as follows:- 

  • Provision Public Open Space of 1,000 m² at the existing atrium and the entrance plaza facing Queen's Road Central, for compliance with the requirement in the Outline Zoning Plan;

  • Existing structure, together with some Character Defining Elements (CDE) to be retained, repaired and upgraded to meet the modern standards, providing about 10,000m² gross floor area for commercial and other uses;

  • Opening up of the external walls at ground floor fronting Jubilee Street and Queen Victoria Street to enhance accessibility and connectivity, in response to the public aspiration;

  • With less construction activities involved and more emphasis on conservation of CDE, the cost estimate for the revised scheme is about $600 million at current prices. 

On 11 December 2015, URA submitted a fresh planning application for the revised scheme for the approval by Town Planning Board.  The Project is anticipated to be completed in 2020/21.



More Information

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    Existing view of Central Market
    Facade facing Queens Road Central
    Oasis Gallery
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