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186-190 Queen's Road East

Project Site Information

Location:186-190 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai (part of the Lee Tung Street / McGregor Street redevelopment project)
Site Area:About 180 square meter
No. of buildings:3 shophouses
Completion year:1930s
Antiquities Authority GradingGrade 3 Historic Building

Project Status

The 3 buildings are being preserved for adaptive reuse as part of the URA's Redevelopment Project at Lee Tung Street (H15)

Project Programme

Anticipated to be completed by 2015

Historical linkage

  • The three bays of verandah type tenement buildings form a continuous façade verandah facing Queen's Road East.
  • The buildings lie on land reclaimed before 1887.
  • The buildings were identified by Antiquities and Monuments Office (AMO) as Grade III Historical Buildings.

Architectural attributes

  • The 3 pre-war residential blocks are unique Guangzhou-styled "Tong Lau", that were occupied exclusively by Chinese and predominantly seen all over southern Chinese cities and towns in the nineteen centuries.
  • The shophouse's existence was a culmination of a series of historic forces from economic development of Hong Kong, Second World War as well as the influx of Chinese migrants to Hong Kong.
  • The shophouses were a mixture of Chinese and Western architectural features. They were built in contiguous blocks in elongated layout and characterised by their narrow frontage. The shophouses have 4 storeys with verandahs facing Queen's Road East.
  • Every unit is about 450 - 700 square feet with high ceiling and French windows to the verandahs. Light wells are located between the living space and the kitchen at the back.
  • The shophouses did not have toilet provisions. The "nightsoil" from the pail latrine was collected by government scavengers at night.
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    Existing Door Feature
    Existing View of QRE 186-190
    Exterior Window Feature
    Front and Side Elevations
    Artist Impression
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