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Urban Renewal Authority

Uncle Chan(Kwun Tong Town Centre Project)

Uncle Kwok(Ma Tau Wai Road / Chun Tin Street Project)

Mr Kwok(Chairman of the Owners' Incorporation of Tai Tak Building, Stone Nullah Lane)

Ms Li (Kwun Tong Town Centre Project)

Madam Yip(Fuk Tsun Street / Pine Street Project)

Wong's Family(Lai Chi Kok Road/Kweilin Street and Yee Kuk Street Project)

Uncle Chan, aged over 70, used to live in a 45-year-old tenement which was in a serious state of dilapidation. Suffering from rheumatism, it was a torture for him to climb flights of stairs every day. Considering Chan's difficulty in securing bank mortgage, the URA exceptionally granted him advance payment. With the timely payout, Mr Chan bought a decent flat in the same district right before the property price surged. It is 80% bigger than the old one, with lifts and greenery, and also close to the school of his daughter. He feels very pleased with his new sweet home.

Block J of 45 Ma Tau Wai Road turned to rubble in seconds on 29 January 2010. Uncle Kwok, aged 87, lived in an adjacent unit, witnessed the tragedy. With great compassion for the affected residents, the URA kicked off the Ma Tau Wai Road/Chun Tin Street Project within a month. Indebted to the URA's Special Measures, Kwok accepted the early removal offer and bought a decent unit with lifts and serenity, close to his previous residence. He now stays away from the unpleasant experience, living happily with his wife.

The obsolete sewage system and power supply installation of the 42-year-old Tai Tak Building could no longer meet the residents' needs. Also, around 70% of the owners received repair orders from the Buildings Department. With a wise move to ease the financial burden, the Owners' Incorporation applied for the URA's Building Rehabilitation Loan Scheme securing an interest-free loan of $700,000 to cover the substantial cost of refurbishment. The owners are very pleased with the rehabilitation which makes a great difference - improved living conditions, a building with more attractive and vibrant look and higher market value.

Ms Li had lived in a 40-year-old plus building in Kwun Tong with her husband and daughter.  The spalling concrete and exposed reinforcement of the ceilings in the living room, bedroom and kitchen caused much nuisance to their daily living.  Since the security guard was on duty only during daytime, they were worried about the safety every day after 7pm.   With URA’s compensation offer, she bought two flats for living and for rent-out. Ms Li and her family is now living in a much better flat in Ngau Tau Kok and are very happy with the improved living environment and building management.

Madam Yip came to Hong Kong from the Mainland China with her daughter years ago to be reunited with her husband. The family lived in a tiny partitioned unit in a tenement flat on Pine Street. Redevelopment should bring them a better home, but her deepest sorrow came along with the death of her husband and her ineligibility for public housing. To handle her pressing need, the URA at discretion offered her a flat in the Soy Street rehousing block while waiting for a public housing unit after getting her permanent identity. Far exceeding her expectations, Madam Yip now lives happily with nice neighbours and enjoys the cozy environment with her daughter.

Mr Wong lived in a ground floor unit of a 60-year-old building in Sham Shui Po, with the shop front devoted to embroidery business whereas the backyard for residence. The living environment was squalid with very poor hygiene conditions. Considering that Mr Wong was facing genuine hardship arising from his health and special family circumstances, the URA offered compassionate rehousing to the family in a public housing estate in Shek Kip Mei. The family is very grateful for the improved living conditions and pleasant amenities.