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Chun Tin Street / Sung Chi Street Development Scheme (KC-008(A))

Project Site Information

Affected Buildings:Nos. 2-24 Chun Tin Street (even nos.) and Nos. 2-4 Hok Yuen Street (even nos.), Kowloon City.
Gross Site Area:About 2,475 sq.m.
Affected no. of buildings:14 street numbers of buildings
Affected population:About 200
Affected property interests:About 70
Affected households:About 83

Project Development Information

Total GFA:About 14,724 sq.m.
No. of flats:About 310
Commercial GFA:About 2,454 sq.m.

Project Status

The Government Gazette for the commencement of the Development Scheme ("the Project")  was first published on 6 May 2016 and a freezing survey was conducted in the project area on the same day.  

According to section 25 of URAO, the URA submitted the draft Development Scheme Plan (DSP) of the Development Scheme including the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Reports to Town Planning Board (TPB) for consideration. The TPB received comments on the draft DSP during the public inspection period.

The TPB deemed the draft DSP after amendment suitable for publication under section 5 of Town Planning Ordinance for public inspection, and published the decision in Gazette on 28 Oct 2016. The draft DSP is available for public inspection from 28 Oct 2016 to 28 Dec 2016. Any person can make representation to the TPB during this public inspection period.  

URA has devised a series of one-off special measures ("the Special Measures") for owners and tenants affected by the implementation of the Project. The URA will accord to prevailing policies to make compensation arrangement to the affected owners and tenants upon CE in C's approval of the draft DSP and the approved DSP is gazetted.

Proposed Redevelopment

The proposed development in the Project is to provide about 310 small to medium sized residential units and commercial / retail podium at the lower floors. It may include other facilities and uses as required or approved by the TPB. 

The Project proposes to close Chun Tin Street for redevelopment and include also other road improvement works including creation of new vehicular turning area and widening of Sung Chi Street to enhance traffic and pedestrian circulation. The Project has planning and design merits and will have better integration with the adjoining URA development at Ma Tau Wai Road (TKW/1/002) in the overall design. 

The lower residential floors of the proposed development will be reserved for In-situ "Flat-for-Flat" ("FFF") option. Upon CE in C's approval of the DSP of the Development Scheme, the Authority will provide "Flat-for-Flat" ("FFF") option as an additional option to cash compensation to the eligible domestic owner-occupiers.

Project Programme

Project commenced in May 2016.
Targeted completion by 2025/26.



Last updated at: 2016.11.29