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Application for Inclusion on List of Contractors

Information to be Submitted for Application for Inclusion on URA's List of Contractors

  1. Registered Name and Address, Telephone No. / Facsimile No. / E-mail contact address.
  2. Names of major shareholders / directors / partners.
  3. Authorised / issued capital.
  4. Full set of latest audited accounts with auditors' & directors' reports, profit & loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statement and notes to the financial statements.
  5. Copy of Business Registration Certificate.
  6. Company organization chart and C.V.'s of the principal and managerial staff detailing their names, qualifications, past experience and length of consecutive service with the company, together with a breakdown detailing the total numbers of managerial, professional/technical and head office clerical/support staff.
  7. Job references for all projects completed during the last three (3) years and present commitment in terms of current active projects (with contract title, brief description of work, contract sum, client and commencement/completion dates) and any reference letters from relevant parties.
  8. Details of unresolved litigation/claims, if any. Please state if not applicable.
  9. Letter confirming inclusion on the Works Bureau's list of Approved Contractors for Public Works (together with a record of previous or current suspension from this list), if any. Please state if not applicable.
  10. Letter confirming status as a Registered Contractor with the Buildings Department (together with a copy of certificate of registration as a Registered Building Contractor under the Buildings Ordinance), if any. Please state if not applicable.
  11. Copy of certification to ISO 9000 or equivalent quality assurance standard, if any. Please state if not applicable.
  12. Declaration of conflicts of interest, should you be included in our List of Contractors, if any. Please state if not applicable.
  13. Details of parent, subsidiaries or related companies already on URA's Lists of Contractors, if any. Please state if not applicable.

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