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Caring Organisation

As a corporate citizen, we support the sustainable development of our communities through care for the community, employees, and environment. URA works with different local social service organisations in community involvement projects and also encourages its staff to take part in voluntary work.  Other than running a social service team organised by the voluntary staff organisation, URA Staff Club, URA also partners with educational institutes and local community organisations to spearhead a Community Service Partnership Scheme.

On the other hand, the Authority recognises employees as being an important asset. Top management devotes their time to listening to employee concerns through regular communication with different levels of staff through various channels.  To offer resources to improve staff's physical and mental health, URA runs an Employee Assistance Program and organises talks, seminars, sharing and workshops on stress management.  Further, in order to achieve work-life balance, other than implementing family-friendly measures, activities encouraging participation of family members are organised throughout the year.