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Redevelopment is one of the URA’s core businesses.   Through comprehensive planning, redevelopment improves the built environment and infrastructure in old urban districts while providing more greening, public open space and community facilities. Dilapidated buildings are redeveloped into new buildings of modern standard, environmentally-friendly and smart design.

The URA has implemented over 60 redevelopment projects, providing about 26,000 square metres of open space, some 53,000 square metres of Government/Institution and Community facilities as well as about 18,000 new residential units and approximately 400,000 square metres of commercial areas.

A district-based approach is also adopted in the URA’s projects for better planning and social benefits while improving the living environment of residents.  An example is the holistic approach taken in planning and implementing six redevelopment projects in Kowloon City, with a view to rejuvenating the area with a more effective circulation network and better accessibility, as well as maintaining the street vibrancy.