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New Strategy on Building Rehabilitation

The URA has commenced comprehensive studies on Building Rehabilitation to help exploring new solutions to tackle urban decay. Among them, the Building Rehabilitation Strategy (BRS) study aims at taking a holistic approach and developing a strategy for different categories of buildings. The BRS study will review the statutory and regulatory measures on preventive maintenance, propose measures to assist owners to cope with the difficulties for carrying out the rehabilitation works, review other countries and cities’ experience on their policy, strategy and regulatory framework on building maintenance, propose best practices for preventive maintenance and review the role of different stakeholders for the long term strategies for building rehabilitation. Following the 18-month study period, it is expected that the URA would be able to devise comprehensive strategies for different age groups of buildings.

The URA has also formulated a Building Rehabilitation Platform (BRP) since 2019, an all-in-one venue providing relevant information and technical advices on building rehabilitation including rehabilitation guidebook, sample documents for procurement and appointment of consultants and contractors, Cost Reference Centre and Building Rehabilitation Company Registration Scheme for building owners and its Owners’ corporation reference. Serving more than an information hub, the new BRP, run by a subsidiary company under the URA, has three working committees, namely Technical Committee, Service Providers Committee and Promotion Committee, comprising of representatives from various professional institutes, industry leaders and business associations, to give the BRP a comprehensive expert support.