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FAQ for Tenants

  • Calculation is based on the yearly rateable value.
  • Rateable value is decided by the Rating & Valuation Department, which is estimated at about 12 months' rent.
  • Statutory compensation was calculated as follows:
Rateable Value (RV) Basic Ex-gratia Payment
The first $30,000 RV 7 times RV
The next $30,000 RV 5 times RV
The next $30,000 RV 3 times RV
The remaining RV 1 times RV

This web page briefly outlines the current principles and policies adopted by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) for providing re-housing and making ex-gratia payment to affected tenants of the projects. For updated information, please refer to the URA Board approves enhancements to policies for ex-gratia payment and rehousing press release issued on 13 June 2017.