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Building Rehabilitation Platform

Timely repair and maintenance of building not only ensure the safety of living environment but also help sustain the property value. Understanding the difficulties faced by property owners in arranging building maintenance works, therefore the URA, apart from providing the different Building Rehabilitation subsidy and assistance schemes to the building owners for facilitating the owners to organize and carry out the maintenance works, also launched a platform, the Building Rehabilitation Platform (BRP) which comprises of relevant government departments, law enforcement agencies, multiple professional institutions and works contractor associations in the field of building rehabilitation. BRP website is an all-in-one information platform offers comprehensive building rehabilitation information and technical support for owners and Owners’ Corporations (OCs). The owners can download the building rehabilitation related sample documents and guidebook for reference. The owners can also refer to the Cost Reference Centre for information on the cost range of typical rehabilitation cost items, and the Building Rehabilitation Company Registration Scheme for information of consultants and contractors, who have a quality management system for their services in assisting building owners in carrying out building rehabilitation works.