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Community event


The URA places a high priority on communicating and engaging the community during the process of urban renewal. We have been actively seeking views of local people through different means and communicating directly with stakeholders. District Advisory Committees, comprising members from different walks of life, are established by the URA to reflect the views and aspirations of the local community and provide advice on urban renewal concerns at the district level. The URA conducts social impact assessments to identify the characteristics, needs and mitigation measures required by those people affected by redevelopment projects.

Moreover, we established the Urban Renewal Resource Centre at Tai Kok Tsui providing a one-stop service including information about urban renewal with associated consultation service and assistance, and neighbourhood offices at different districts facilitating the public to make inquiries about urban renewal.

In addition, we have set up the Urban Renewal Exploration Centre and its corresponding website to provide more information about urban renewal to students, community groups and the public.

We reach out to our community through a wide variety of caring initiatives in collaboration with our partners. Through our programmes in youth education, community art and culture, volunteer services and set up of oUR Amazing Kid Band that engage communities across every district, we aim at achieving social harmony and a sustainable Hong Kong.