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Urban Renewal Resource Centre

The Urban Renewal Resource Centre (URRC) is a new initiative under the Urban Renewal Strategy promulgated in February 2011.  It aims to provide building owners with one-stop service including information about urban renewal with associated consultation service and assistance.  Officially opened in April 2012, it is located at Fuk Tsun Street, Tai Kok Tsui, and is a part of the Larch Street/ Fir Street redevelopment project.

Major facilities include:

  • Tender boxes for use by Owners Corporations
  • Multi-purpose room and meeting rooms which are open for booking by the public for uses that are related to urban renewal
  • Reference library of building management and building maintenance
  • Mediation rooms for the Pilot Scheme for Community Venue for Mediation

For enquiries, please call 2588 2488.