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Urban Renewal: Challenges and Opportunities

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After decades of development, the built environment, including roads and pedestrian networks, infrastructure, community facilities and leisure spaces, in most of the older districts in Hong Kong can no longer meet present and future development needs. In December 2023, in collaboration with the TVB News and Information Division, the URA launched a TV Series, titled “Urban Renewal: Challenges and Opportunities”, comprising 15 episodes. Taking Yau Mong District as an illustration, the series highlighted the challenges in urban-renewal work and explored opportunities in overcoming these obstacles to foster the sustainability and liveability of the city.


Episode 1

Overview: Double Ageing of the City (1) (Cantonese only)



Episode 2

Overview: Double Ageing of the City (2) (Cantonese only)



Episode 3

Lagging Behind the Pace of Ageing (Cantonese only)



Episode 4

Who is Responsible for Urban Renewal Resources?  (Cantonese only)



Episode 5

The URA’s Role and Operations (Cantonese only)



Episode 6

Seeking Opportunities (Cantonese only)



Episode 7

Redevelopment of Giant Blocks (Cantonese only)



Episode 8

Embracing the Blue and Greenery (Cantonese only)



Episode 9

Accessibility and Walkability (Cantonese only)



Episode 10

Smart Mobility (Cantonese only)




Episode 11

Three Phases of Urban Renewal (Cantonese only)


Episode 12

Prolonging Building Service Life (Cantonese only)


Episode 13

Creating Land for Urban Renewal (Cantonese only)


Episode 14

Building up Financial Resources (Cantonese only)


Episode 15

Fostering the Sustainable Development of Urban Renewal (Cantonese only)