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URA Statement

The following is a statement issued today (Friday) by the Chairman of the Board of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA), Mr Barry Cheung:

 "I am deeply honoured to be re-appointed Chairman of the Board of the URA by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, for another three years.

The task ahead for the URA is to ensure the success of our ninth Five Year Corporate Plan, which will see us implement our urban renewal projects across Hong Kong. We will take into account the need to achieve a sensible balance and new thinking in our work.

Although the Government's review of its Urban Renewal Strategy is still in progress, it is clear that the URA will need to take on more new responsibilities in coming years because of heightened public expectations in almost every area of our work.

To tackle the problem of urban decay, and to meet the changing aspirations of the community, our approach is constantly being refined to ensure a comprehensive approach that maximises public benefits while balances the interests of different stakeholders. Our projects now follow a comprehensive policy of environmental sustainability. We also incorporate user-friendly facilities for the elderly in our projects.

We are also enthusiastic supporters of the Government's Operation Building Bright scheme that is helping to create much needed jobs in construction and enhance conditions of old buildings .

Our priorities do not change, however. We continue to devote the majority of our efforts to tackling urban decay, so as to improve the living conditions of people inhabiting the most run-down buildings and areas in Hong Kong.  We approach this in a people-oriented way that is at the same time efficient and cost-effective.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the hard work put in by fellow members of the Board over the past years, without which the URA could not have achieved as much as it has.  I thank the two retiring members for their contributions, while welcoming two newly appointed members and  looking forward to a continuation of strong partnership with the other Board members, including the five members re-appointed, management and staff, the Government and our other stakeholders. "