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URA sets up District Advisory Committee for Kwun Tong

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today ( Tuesday) announced the setting up of the Kwun Tong District Advisory Committee (DAC) to collect public views and suggestions on urban renewal, in particular the Kwun Tong Town Centre redevelopment project which will be the largest single project undertaken by the URA.

The DAC members come from different walks of life including Legislative Councillors, district leaders, property owners, social workers, professionals, academic, banker and businessmen. The appointments are for one year. The committee will be chaired by a URA Board Member, Professor David Lung, who has been participating in urban renewal work as a Board Member of the former Land Development Corporation and the URA since 1995.

The main responsibility of DAC is to reflect the views of the local community and provide advice to the URA on issues relating to urban renewal, including redevelopment, preservation, revitalisation and rehabilitation in the district.

The committee will hold its first meeting on November 4 and is expected to focus initially on the planning, design and implementation arrangement for the 5.3-hectare Kwun Tong Town Centre redevelopment project.

This is the 5th DAC set up by the Authority since 2002, the other four being in Central and Western, Sham Shui Po, Wan Chai and Yau Tim Mong districts. Experience has shown that the DACs provide an effective link between the URA Board and the local communities in enabling the input of public views and aspirations into the planning and implementation process of the Authority's urban renewal projects.

Apart from providing advice to the Authority at regular meetings, DACs would also organise community workshops and conduct various research and studies to collect views from the wider community.

The Chairman of the URA, Mr Edward Cheng, said: "The URA attaches much importance to the concerns and aspirations of the community on project planning. The DACs have proved to be enlightening and instructive in shaping our vision, planning and strategy that are responsive to the community. The DACs also help us forge a strong partnership with the local community."

"Kwun Tong will see the largest redevelopment project ever undertaken by the Authority - the Kwun Tong Town Centre project. When fully redeveloped, we hope that it will serve not only as a town centre for the residents of Kwun Tong but also as a meeting hub in East Kowloon," Mr Edward Cheng said.

Commenting on the work of the DAC, Professor David Lung said: "Because of the very large scale and complexity of the project, the local knowledge and cross-discipline experience and expertise of the Kwun Tong DAC members would undoubtedly be essential in guiding the project planning and implementation towards the right direction and meeting the aspirations of the public."

"I understand that the Kwun Tong District Council and the local residents are supportive of the project. My committee will work very closely with them to ensure that the views of all important stakeholders are fully taken into consideration in our project planning process," he stressed.

The Kwun Tong Town Centre project is one of the 25 redevelopment projects announced but not yet commenced by the URA's predecessor, Land Development Corporation, in 1998. The URA plans to commence the statutory town planning approval process for the project before March 2007.

Subject to actual survey, the project is estimated to involve acquisition of about 1,635 property interests. When completed, it is expected to provide a modern town centre with commercial, residential, leisure and recreational amenities, as well as various public facilities including large open and landscaped space, public transport interchange, government offices, medical clinic, etc.



Membership List of the URA Kwun Tong District Advisory Committee


Professor David Lung Ping-yee

Mr Chan Kam-cheung
The Hon Chan Kam-lam
Mr Chan Wah-yue
Mr Francis Chau Yin-ming
Mr Ching Ching-man
Mr Chong Yam-ming
Mr Fung Wun-yin
Mr Daniel Heung Cheuk-kei
Mr Hsu Hoi-shan
Ms Ko Po-ling
Mr Kwok Lit-tung
Mr Lai Wing-lin
Mr Lau Ting-on
The Hon Alan Leong Kar-kit
Ms Leung Fu-wing
The Hon Fred Li Wah-ming
Mr Lo Chung-hing
Ms Pauline Wong Po-lin
Mr Yeung Suen-sai
Representatives of the Urban Renewal Authority