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Press Releases
Existing view of Macpherson Indoor Stadium in Mongkok
Artist's impression of the proposed future Macpherson Indoor Stadium
Artist's impression of modern multi-purpose sporting facilities at the future Macpherson Indoor Stadium

URA and HKPA start Macpherson Stadium redevelopment project

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and the Hong Kong Playground Association (HKPA) announced today (Thursday) the joint venture redevelopment of the Macpherson Indoor Stadium in Mongkok.

The project covers a site area of about 25,800 square feet. Upon completion in 2011, it is expected to deliver a new and modern indoor stadium and a youth centre, in addition to about 200,000 square feet of residential and commercial floor area.

Since the existing stadium was built 50 years ago without any major renovation or upgrading since then, the URA considers that the project will benefit the local and nearby community with a much-needed modern, multi-purpose sports facility.

The URA and HKPA will jointly invite expression of interests and thereafter an open tender by private developers for the implementation of the project, subject to discussion with the Government on the land grant. 

The Macpherson Indoor Stadium project was among the 25 projects announced by the former Land Development Corporation, predecessor of the URA, in 1998. The HKPA is the sole land owner of the project site and therefore no acquisition and resumption of property interest would be involved.