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Press Releases

Road proposals for Lee Tung Street project

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) has taken the initiatives to refine the road proposals for its Lee Tung Street project in Wan Chai after careful consideration of submissions received from members of the public and stakeholders during the public consultation period.

Following the approval of the Master Layout Plan for the project by the Town Planning Board (TPB) in May 2007, the government has gazetted the related road proposals on 25 April 2008. Valuable views have been received.

Commenting on the road refinement proposals, Director, Planning and Design of the URA, Mr Michael Ma, said: "We have been working closely with government departments concerned in assessing public views on the proposals and have come up with viable solutions to address most of their concerns.  Hearings have also been held to exchange views with people concerned about the road proposals."

Mr Ma emphasised in meeting public aspiration, the number of car parking spaces within the project will be reduced significantly to 198 and traffic calming measures will be provided at Amoy Street, particularly at the carpark exit. This, together with the approved plan to pedestrianise Lee Tung Street, will enhance the street environment for this major north-south pedestrian spine in future.

"It is now proposed that the originally planned taxi stand at Amoy Street be relocated to the basement level along with the carparking facilities, and the originally proposed public light bus stand be removed. The proposed laybys at Amoy Street can then be open for public use to facilitate loading and unloading activities of the nearby shop operators and residents. These refinements will reduce traffic congestion on the street," said Mr Ma.

The existing sitting-out area of 335 square metres at Amoy Street will not be reduced in size but will be redesigned and amalgamated into a larger public open space network within the development scheme which has an area of 3,000 square metres under URA's approved plan.  This public open space is a significant contribution for the Wan Chai District and will benefit all residents in the area.

Presently, Amoy Street is a dead-end carriageway, the proposed opening up of Amoy Street to the Queen's Road East will help maintain traffic flow after pedestrianisation of Lee Tung Street which is required by the Planning Brief and approved by the TPB. Vehicles to Amoy Street will no longer have to 'back out' from the dead-end street, improving traffic safety.  The noise and air impact assessments have concluded that the opening up of Amoy Street will not generate unacceptable noise and air pollution levels to the residents there. The proposed opening up of Amoy Street was requested by some Wan Chai District Council (WCDC) members and a motion in support of the road proposal was passed by the WCDC, Mr Ma added.

It is the plan of the URA to create a "Wedding City", inviting the return of the printing card shops once operated at Lee Tung Street, and featuring Hong Kong's first wedding traditions and culture gallery. Premises will also be reserved for social enterprises in the project with an aim to strength the social network in Wan Chai.

The URA is confident that the refined road arrangements will create a   pleasant walking environment for pedestrians, improve the overall traffic conditions, and enhance the local character of Lee Tung Street which will turn into a vibrant community.