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URA’s Mallory Street/Burrows Street revitalisation project receives Silver Award of HKIP Awards 2013

The first standalone preservation cum revitalisation project of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) at Mallory Street/Burrows Street in Wan Chai has been conferred the Silver Award of Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) Award 2013 for its remarkable adaptive reuse of a cluster of historic buildings, said the URA today (Thursday).

The Mallory Street revitalisation project, which officially opened in July this year, is now the Comix Home Base under the management of the Hong Kong Arts Centre as it serves as a platform for exchange and interaction of the comic industry both locally and overseas.

"We are delighted that our efforts in preserving and revitalising the pre-war building cluster at Mallory Street have been recognised by the HKIP. All along, it has been our objective to revitalise the project into a hub for the cultural and creative industries taking into account views and suggestions collected in extensive public consultations," said Director (Planning & Design), Mr Michael Ma.

Starting from today until 14 November 2013, the Mallory Street project is showcased with other HKIP 2013 award winners for public viewing in an exhibition being held at the City Gallery. 

In awarding the URA's Mallory Street project, the Adjudicating Panel of the HKIP Award 2013 applauded the dynamic cooperation among the planning and architectural professions, and the art community in making the revitalisation project a success.

"It successfully created a unique landmark in Wan Chai not only preserving the pre-war shop houses but also a focal point of showcasing the local culture with wise selection of comics as its theme. Key merits of the project include the conscious effort in making the place affordable and inviting for ordinary people to avoid the problem of gentrification," the Adjudicating Panel commented.

Comprising a cluster of 10 pre-war Grade 2 historic buildings, the Mallory Street revitalisation project is renovated in accordance with the requirements of the prevailing building and fire safety regulations, while spaces are designated for uses related to comic and animation as well as a resource centre that collects print and digital comic books and magazines. Prominent features of the project such as balconies, tiled pitched roof, timber French doors and internal timber staircase are retained and preserved.

The Mallory Street revitalisation project is the latest initiative of the URA being recognised for its distinguished design and innovation.  So far eight URA redevelopment projects have obtained BEAM 'Platinum' rating by the Hong Kong Green Building Council for their sustainable building design.