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URA Board approves application requirements of Subsidised Sale Flat Scheme

The Board of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Tuesday) held a special meeting to discuss the Management's proposal on the eligibility requirements for the Subsidised Sale Flat (SSF) Scheme at the URA's development at Kai Tak and consider further legal advice in relation to the scheme. After taking into consideration of the potential legal risks that may arise and the public aspirations for housing needs, the URA Board approved the following terms:

  1. the inclusion of single person household applicants;
  2. an income limit of $33,500 per month and an asset limit of $1.5 million to be applicable for single person household applicants;  and
  3. the total household income and net asset value limits for two-person or above households remain unchanged at HK$60,000 per month and HK$3 million respectively.