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ITC Properties Group Limited wins development contract of URA’s Hai Tan Street Demand-led Project in Sham Shui Po

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Tuesday) announced that Assets Island Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITC Properties Group Limited, has won the contract for the development of Nos. 205 - 211A Hai Tan Street demand-led redevelopment project in Sham Shui Po.

The URA earlier invited a number of pre-qualified property developers to submit a tender for the project. The URA received a total of eight tender offers when the tender closed.

After careful deliberation, the URA Board considered that the tender offer made by ITC Properties Group Limited has met the tender requirements of the project and thus decided to award the development contract to ITC Properties Group Limited.

A spokesman for the URA said the Authority was pleased to have the opportunity to implement the Nos. 205 - 211A Hai Tan Street demand-led redevelopment project with ITC Properties Group Limited, on which we could leverage its experience in developing the project.

The project site covers an area of about 423 square metres. Upon completion, it is planned to provide about 69 residential units with a total residential gross floor area of about 3,170 square metres and 396 square metres of commercial gross floor area.