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Sino Land Company Limited wins development contract of URA’s Peel Street/Graham Street Project (Site A)

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Wednesday) announced that Cheer View Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sino Land Company Limited, has won the contract for the development of Site A of the Peel Street/Graham Street project (the Project). 

The URA earlier invited a number of qualified property developers to submit tenders for Site A of the Project following an Expression of Interest exercise.  The URA received a total of 22 tenders when the submission of tender closed on 20 February 2017. 

After careful deliberation, the URA Board considered that the tender offer made by Sino Land Company Limited has met the tender requirements of Site A of the Project and thus decided to award the development contract to Sino Land Company Limited. 

A spokesman for the URA said the Authority was pleased to have the opportunity to implement Site A of the Project with Sino Land Company Limited, on which it could leverage the experience in developing this project. 

The Project is divided into three sites (Sites A, B and C) and is being implemented in phases.  The site being put up for tender is Site A situated on Peel Street, which covers a site area of about 890 square metres.  Upon completion, the site is planned to provide about 116 residential units with a total residential gross floor area of about 7,830 square metres, a gross floor area of about 1,460 square metres for a multi-purpose activities hall and commercial purposes and public open space of not less than 300 square metres for the enjoyment of the public. 

The successful tenderer will be required to develop Site A of the Project in compliance with the standard and quality requirements, the environmentally-sustainable provisions and "smart" provisions such as home energy and water consumption system, home health and wellness system, smart display, home waste management system, building information modelling, and building management system, etc. set out in the development agreement of the tender with the aim of creating a sustainable living environment.