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URA welcomes re-appointment of Michael Ma as Executive Director

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Friday) welcomes the Government's re-appointment of Mr Michael Ma Chiu-tsee as Executive Director of the URA for a new term of three years, effective 15 July 2017.

"As one of the Executive Directors of the URA, Mr Ma has profound knowledge and expertise in urban regeneration, particularly in the area of town planning, which are essential for taking forward urban renewal and tackling the growing problem of urban decay in Hong Kong. The URA has, in the past year, commenced several redevelopment projects in the To Kwa Wan area under a district-based planning approach with a view to improving the built environment and providing better facilities for the community.  Mr Ma has been playing a crucial role in formulating the related planning and design of these projects," said the Chairman of the URA, Mr Victor So Hing-woh.

Mr Ma joined the URA in 2006 as Director, Planning and Design, leading the formulation of the URA's strategy in project planning and the smooth implementation of a number of major redevelopment and preservation projects.  He was appointed as Executive Director (Commercial) in July 2016.

On his re-appointment as an Executive Director, Mr Ma said he was very honoured by the Government's re-appointment which allowed him to continue to serve the community.

Mr Ma said: "I look forward to working closely with the URA Board, the URA management, all staff members, the Government, Legislative Council, District Council and all other stakeholders, in advancing urban renewal for the benefit of our community."