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URA’s Ma Tau Wai Road/Chun Tin Street Project

The Chief Executive announced today (Friday) a new Government housing initiative of inviting the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) to assign its redevelopment project at Ma Tau Wai Road/Chun Tin Street as a “Starter Homes” Pilot Project (Pilot Project) and to provide 450 units of the redevelopment project as “Starter Homes” units for sale.  A URA spokesman said that the URA welcomes the Government’s new initiative and the URA Board would deliberate and resolve the initiative at its meeting in July 2018.

Upon approval by the Board, the URA will formulate the pre-sale mechanism and implementation details of the Pilot Project with the Government.

The Ma Tau Wai Road/Chun Tin Street Project is a redevelopment project developed by the URA itself.  The project is expected to be issued with the Occupation Permit in mid-2019 and the pre-sale is scheduled to take place by the end of 2018.