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Press Releases

URA supports “Early Vaccination for All” campaign

In response to the “Early Vaccination for All” campaign announced by the Government today (31 May 2021), the spokesperson of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) welcomes the Government’s measures to encourage more people to receive the vaccination in a bid to build a protective barrier for Hong Kong. 

The URA has been providing staff with vaccination leaves and other related support since 24 May.  These measures include:

  • allowing staff to receive vaccination during duty hours;
  • allowing staff to have one day of vaccination leave for each vaccination dose received to ensure they have sufficient time to recuperate after getting vaccinated;
  • allowing staff to make appointments for annual medical check-ups to fit into their vaccination schedule ahead of the original arrangements under the current medical scheme;
  • extending the coverage by the URA’s medical insurance company to include medical expenses incurred due to a COVID-19 infection or conditions arising from the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccination.  Additional hospital cash allowance is also provided.

As of today, the URA has received from staff vaccination reports and applications for the special leave involving about 140 vaccination doses.  The URA will closely monitor the situation of the vaccination on staff and offer the necessary supports.