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Invitation for Expressions of Interest for Development of Four URA Projects in To Kwa Wan

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) will invite interested developers/consortia to submit Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the combined development (the Development) of four projects1 located at Hung Fook Street, Kai Ming Street and Wing Kwong Street in To Kwa Wan tomorrow (23 November 2021).

The four projects with a total site area of 5,438 square metres covering two adjoining sites, namely Hung Fook Street / Kai Ming Street and Wing Kwong Street / Kai Ming Street, were commenced between 2013 and 2017.  Upon completion, the two adjoining sites in total will provide a maximum total gross floor areas of 48,942 square metres.

The successful developer / consortium will be required to construct the new development in compliance with the requirements of the master design control of To Kwa Wan district in Kowloon City as set out in the development agreement (the Agreement) of the Development to create synergy with adjoining development projects of the URA, allowing comprehensive restructuring and replanning of the area while enhancing walkability and connectivity.  The Development will also enhance the livability of the district by adopting place-making and smart initiatives.

The URA has commenced eight connecting projects, including this Development, in To Kwa Wan district in Kowloon City under the district-based approach.  All new development of these projects will have to comply with the requirements of the master design control in a bid to create synergy with adjoining URA’s projects even though the development contract of these projects will be awarded at different times.

The requirements of the district-based master design control include:

  1. Improving connectivity with major district nodes, including To Kwa Wan MTR station, Hoi Sham Park, and other public facilities with a better-restructured pedestrian network;
  2. Enhancing street vibrancy with distinctive design character by specifying building frontage and landscape design along the pedestrian streets;
  3. Improving air ventilation by specifying podium setback and tower separation among the development projects within the district to create a more liveable environment;
  4. Creating various urban spaces to serve as a community gathering point for the district, coupled with place-making initiatives to cultivate a distinctive district precinct; and
  5. Adopting more smart building and facility management initiatives (e.g. 5G network) to create a smart community.

In addition, the new development must comply with the standard and quality requirements, the environmentally sustainable provisions and smart provisions set out in the Agreement.

Information about the submission of the EOI for the Development will be available at the URA’s website ( and published in several local newspapers tomorrow.  The Invitation Brochure for the Development can be obtained upon request from the URA’s Headquarters.  Developers/consortia interested in the development are requested to submit the duly completed and signed Reply Form, together with the required information to substantiate their development experience and financial capability to undertake the development in accordance with the requirements and criteria set by the URA.  All EOI should be submitted to the URA’s Headquarters at 26/F COSCO Tower, 183 Queen’s Road Central, by 12:00 noon on 7 December 2021 (Tuesday).  Any submission of the EOI received after the specified closing time mentioned above will not be accepted.

A tender review panel under the URA Board will consider all EOI submissions and shortlist qualified companies, which will be invited to submit tenders for the development later.

1 Four projects include Kai Ming Street Project, Hung Fook Street / Kai Ming Street Project, Kai Ming Street / Wing Kwong Street Project and Wing Kwong Street Project.