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URA Publishes Tender Amounts of Unsuccessful Submissions for Development of Four URA Projects in To Kwa Wan

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (22 April 2022) published on an anonymous basis the tender amounts offered by the unsuccessful but conforming tenderers in the tender for the combined development of four projects[1] located at Hung Fook Street, Kai Ming Street and Wing Kwong Street in To Kwa Wan (the Development).

The URA commenced the tender exercise of the Development earlier and a total of seven tenders were received when the tender closed on 10 February 2022.  After careful deliberation by the URA Board, the URA awarded the tender for the Development to Centenary Investments Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CK Asset Holdings Limited, on 3 March 2022.  In addition to publishing the name of the successful tenderer and its holding company upon the award of the tender through a press release, the URA also disclosed at the same time the successful tender amount of HK$5,996 million, as well as the identities of the remaining six unsuccessful tenderers and their respective parent companies which have submitted tenders conforming to the tender requirements.

After the execution of the development agreement with the successful tenderer, the URA further publishes on an anonymous basis the tender amounts offered by those six unsuccessful but conforming tenders.  Their tender amounts are listed in descending order as follows:


Tender Amount (HK$)













As a combined development of four projects located in To Kwa Wan which were commenced between 2013 and 2017, the Development covers a total site area of 5,438 square metres.  Upon completion, the Development will provide a maximum total gross floor areas of 48,942 square metres.

[1] Four projects include 1. Kai Ming Street Project, 2. Hung Fook Street / Kai Ming Street Project, 3. Kai Ming Street / Wing Kwong Street Project and 4. Wing Kwong Street Project.