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URA to Conduct Random Assignment of Priority Numbers Tomorrow for eResidence Tower 3 “Starter Homes” Applications

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) will conduct a random assignment of priority numbers (random assignment) tomorrow (29 November 2023) for all of the 3,669 valid applications for the 260 units of the URA’s eResidence Tower 3 Starter Homes for Hong Kong Residents Project. 

A computer programme developed by the URA will assign a random priority number to each application.  The entire process of random assignment will be overseen by a professional independent accountant and recorded on video for archival purpose.

When the random assignment is completed, the list of assigned priority numbers and the video recording will be uploaded to the eResidence Tower 3 website ( on the same day.  The URA will notify all applicants of their assigned numbers by mail within three working days and by mobile phone notifications for applicants who registered to receive information through the Short Message Service (SMS) when they submitted their applications.  Applicants can also check their assigned priority numbers through the search function on the Website by entering their application numbers. 


To the extent that this press release constitutes an advertisement, this notice shall apply.
Name of the Development: eResidence Tower 3

Name of Street and Street Number of the Development: 2 Hok Yuen Street*

District: Hung Hom

The address of the website designated by the Vendor for the Development#:

Vendor: Urban Renewal Authority | Holding Company of the Vendor: Not applicable | Authorized Person for the Development: Ms. Chan Wan Ming | The firm or corporation of which the Authorized Person for the Development is a proprietor, director or employee in his or her professional capacity : P&T Architects Limited | Building contractor for the Development: Build King Construction Limited | The firm of solicitors acting for the owner in relation to the sale of residential properties in the Development: Mayer Brown | Authorized institution that has made a loan, or has undertaken to provide finance, for the construction of the Development: Not applicable | Other person who has made a loan for the construction of the Development: Not applicable | To the best of the Vendor's knowledge, the estimated material date for the Development is 30 November 2026. (“Material date” means the date on which the conditions of the land grant are complied with in respect of the Development. The estimated material date for the Development is provided by the Authorized Person for the Development. The estimated material date is subject to any extension of time that is permitted under the agreement for sale and purchase.) | A prospective purchaser is advised to refer to the sales brochure for any information on the Development. Please refer to the sales brochure for details. *The above provisional street number is subject to confirmation when the Development is completed. | #The address of the website designated by the Vendor for the Development for the purposes of Part 2 of the Residential Properties (First-hand Sales) Ordinance. |  This advertisement is published by the Vendor or with the consent of the Vendor. This advertisement does not constitute and shall not be construed as constituting any offer, representation, undertaking or warranty, whether express or implied, given by the Vendor.

Date of printing: 28 November 2023