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Reaching Out

Arts and Cultural Partnership Programme in Old Urban Districts: Pilot Scheme

The URA introduces the “Arts and Cultural Partnership Programme in Old Urban Districts: Pilot Scheme” (ACPP) to provide financial support to local non-profit making groups in organising arts and cultural programmes, which are able to bring arts/culture to the local community, or bring the local community to the appreciation of arts/culture.

Arts for the Elderly

Recruited by Women’s Welfare Club Western District Hong Kong Kwan Kai Ming Memorial Chung Hok Elderly Centre, a group of elderly people from Shau Kei Wan are burying their heads in practising percussion and making handicrafts. They will bring along their performance and paper clay souvenirs to visit the needy elderly in the community. 

Seasons of Camellia in TKW


After Kowloon City and Flower Market, The Seasons of Camellia roved to To Kwa Wan to let kaifongs have a taste of different Chinese teas over the 12 weekends from September to December 2017. After completed 12-week intensive training, the workshop participants served the community by introducing over 20 kinds of teas to their neighbours and transcend Tea drinking, a common habit for Hong Kong people, to the an artistic level. 

Sextet @ Dream Stage



The young people recruited from old districts like Wong Tai Sin and Kwun Tong by the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association Lok Wah Integrated Social Service Centre are having  a series of training including music and lyric composition, band sound, street dance, and most importantly, volunteer training.