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Reaching Out

Preserving Kwun Tong’s Street Culture at Yue Man Hawker Bazaar



The Yue Man Hawker Bazaar at Yue Man Square Shopping Mall is an area designated to accommodate the hawkers who operated in the former stall markets at Mut Wah Street and Hip Wo Street.  These stall operators find that the new, air-conditioned venue is clean and more comfortable, when compared with their old "tin huts".  They aspire to thrive with the community as Kwun Tong continues to evolve.  They also hope that the new venue will be the channel for them to carry on the street hawker culture, which is rooted in deep neighbourhood connections.

Mrs. Leung Chan Shiu-hing, the Chairlady of the bazaar's merchant association, remarks that many regular customers have already visited her new stall, and she is particularly pleased that the environment is much better now. She is delighted that she no longer needed to set up the canvas canopy like before. She also thanks the URA’s staff, who has helped the hawkers for years, by organising guided tours, distributing shopping coupons, and so on, to attract customers to the temporary bazaar before.  

Lo Kwok-kwan has been running his stationery shop in Kwun Tong for almost 50 years. Having had to relocate his business three times, he shares that the new bazaar is by far the most pleasant. He still remembers how he had to put out a fire by himself when a neighbouring stall at Mut Wah Street, which had canvas fixed with wooden stripes, caught fire.  Going forward, Mr Lo said he will adhere to his business philosophy of providing value for money products to the students purchasing stationery from him.

The URA will continue its community liaison work with these stall operators. By responding to their requests to improve the bazaar’s facilities, environment and publicity, this unique street culture will continue to flourish in a vibrant and energised environment.