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Following a major facelift and retrofitting, the venue on G/F of The Center designated for Government, Institution and Community uses is opened for public use as a new community space and is now re-named "H6 CONET".

The name "CONET" stands for Community, Open Space and Network.  Intended to be 'a place for the community', H6 CONET provides quality spaces for public enjoyment, with ideas rooted from local history of the district.

Occupying an area of about 2,660 square metres, H6 CONET has translated various ideas rooted from the local history and showcased in the form of art and culture in a new community space.  Opportunities will be offered and opened to the local communities to make use of the spaces in H6 CONET on creating art paintings, holding exhibitions, performances and the like which match the overall theme.  Indoor greening and leisure seating area with free Wi-Fi also enhance the amenity of this new community space.  H6 CONET further enhances the connectivity with six adjoining streets, namely Tit Hong Lane, Hing Lung Street, Tung Man Street, Wing On Street, Gilman Street and Gilman's Bazaar, making the H6 CONET easily accessible by members of the public.

H6 CONET is also the home of seven social services organisations.  It also accommodates the Urban Renewal Exploration Centre, which is furnished with innovative and smart technology to provide a new experience for the public to explore urban renewal in a creative and interactive manner.

There are event spaces and facilities at H6 CONET available for reservation.  Eligible organisations and individuals may apply.  Please visit for more information.