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Press Releases

URA welcomes appointment of Mr Billy Lam as the Managing Director

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today welcomed the appointment of Mr Billy Lam as the Managing Director of the URA with effect from 1 January 2002.

Mr Lam has held various key positions during his 30 years of service with the Government, including his secondment to the Airport Authority as its Chief Executive Officer.

"His extensive experience in public administration and corporate management will definitely be an asset to the URA, which is tasked to rejuvenate older urban areas by way of redevelopment, revitalisation, preservation and rehabilitation", said the URA Chairman Dr Lau Wah-sum.

Dr Lau believed that Mr Lam, with his diversified background, would bring in new ideas and initiatives to facilitate implementation of the massive urban renewal programme by the URA.

On his appointment as Managing Director of the URA, Mr Billy Lam said he was very pleased with the appointment and he had every confidence that his past experience in the Government and the Airport Authority would be of great value to his job.

"I look forward to working closely with the URA Board and staff, Government departments, land developers, related trades and professionals as well as the communities involved in urban renewal exercises. Together, I am confident that we can meet the challenges ahead", said Mr Lam.

Mr Lam will start to understudy the operation of the URA as the Managing Director-designate with effect from 16 October 2001.

12 October 2001