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URA Statement on Sai Yee Street Project

In response to media enquiry today (Monday) on progress of the Sai Yee Street project, Mongkok, a spokesman of the Urban Renewal Authority said:

  • This development will affect 16 sports shops or about 25% of the sports shops in "Trainers Street" in Mongkok.
  • According to a survey conducted by HKU in April 2006, of the number of units represented by the interviewed owners, there were 43% supporting redevelopment (mainly domestic residents) and 42% supporting rehabilitation (mainly shop operators and owners of single-owned buildings).
  • The Legislative Council passed a motion in January 2007 calling for the retention of existing commercial districts and bazaars with local characters.
  • The URA needs to take all these aspirations into account in project planning. In the past few months, we have been in close contact with various stakeholders to listen to their views and to follow up on their suggestions.
  • We have conducted an initial assessment of the proposal put forward by the K28 Concern Group. Our consultants held a meeting with the consultant of the Concern Group to clarify certain technical issues of the group's proposal on 9 August 2007. With this supplementary information, a detailed assessment is being conducted on a number of complex issues arising from the proposal.
  • Fundamental difficulties posed by the proposal include land administration legalities, prolonged disruption to the existing business operation, lack of unanimous support from the shop owners affected and the renewed planning process it entails.
  • When we have the results of further studies on these fundamental issues, we will announce our final decision on this redevelopment project as soon as possible. It remains URA's firm objective to commence this project within this financial year, based on a redevelopment scheme with features balancing the need to  enhance the local character and economic activities of 'Trainer Street' and the interests of various groups of affected stakeholders.