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Members of the Central Oasis Community Advisory Committee and URA management visiting the ex-Central Market
The Central Oasis Community Advisory Committee holding the first meeting

Community Advisory Committee starts work on Central Oasis

The 16-member Central Oasis Community Advisory Committee (COCAC), set up to advise the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) on revitalising the Ex-Central Market as an urban oasis for Hong Kong people, held its first meeting today (Friday).

Chaired by Professor David Lung, the COCAC comprises 15 other members from various backgrounds, including District Council members, professionals, academics and businessmen.  All of them are invited to join the COCAC on their own personal capacity.

"In deliberating the way forward for the project, an important part of the committee's task is to collect and collate views and suggestions from various  segments of the community, including business operators before making recommendations to the URA  on the future use and trade mix of the Central Oasis," said Professor Lung.

"Consideration will also be given to the key management and operational matters, which are vital to the vibrancy and success of this Oasis" said Professor Lung.

Relevant government departments and Bureaux including the Development Bureau and the Antiquities and Monuments Office will be consulted as and when necessary, he added.

This initiative is a prompt response to the announcement by the Chief Executive in his Policy Address of 14 October that the URA would be tasked to revitalise the Central Market, which forms part of a series of innovative projects to reinvigorate the legend of Central.

Describing the project as exciting and worthwhile, Professor Lung said its success hinged on the support of the community.  The refurbished building will provide Hong Kong people with a public rest and leisure area amidst the hustle and bustle of Central.

During the meeting, the committee endorsed the terms of reference which included making recommendations on the direction, strategy and specific objectives for implementing the project, the measures to be taken by the URA in consulting the community, renovation works as well as the detailed business plan for achieving financial self-sufficiency in day-to-day operation.

Committee members also carried out an on-site inspection of the Ex-Central Market building after holding its first meeting today.

Built in 1939, this 4-storey building is situated strategically, and easily accessible from Des Voeux Road Central, Queen's Road Central and Jubilee Street.  It links up with the core footbridge system in Central that connects major commercial centres in the district, including the IFC and Exchange Square. It also connects with the mid-levels escalator system that takes people to the Former Police Married Quarters site on Hollywood Road, the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum and the Historical Trail.

Total cost for the rejuvenated Central Oasis is now estimated to be in the region of $500 million.  The revitalisation project will be carried out in phases.  Structural investigation of the building is being carried out and, should no reinforcement work be needed, the first phase would require about three years.  The whole project is expected to take about five years to complete.



Urban Renewal Authority

Central Oasis Community Advisory Committee


  • Prof. David Lung Ping-yee, SBS, JP
    Professor (UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Resources Management), Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong


  • Mr. Stephen Chan Chit-kwai, JP
    Vice Chairman, Central & Western District Council (C&WDC) 
  • Mr. Chan Hok-fung
    ChairmanFood, Environment, Hygiene & Works Committee of C&WDC
  • Mr. Sidney Lee Chi-hang
    Chairman, District Facilities Management Committee of C&WDC
  • Ms. Cheng Lai-king
    Chairman, Cultural, Leisure & Social Affairs Committee of C&WDC
  • Mr. Edward Leung Yee-wah
    Professional Architect;
  • Course Director, Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management, HKU SPACE
  • Mr. Evans Iu Po-lung
    Professional Landscape Architect
  • Dr. Joseph Ting Sun-pao
    Adjunct Professor, History Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Mr. Christopher Ho Hing-nin
    Deputy General Manager and Chief Technology & Services Officer, Hang Seng Bank Limited
  • Mr. Raymond M.J. Chow
    Executive Director, Hongkong Land Limited
  • Mr. Michael Chan Yue-kwong
    Chairman, Cafe de Carol Holdings Limited
  • Mrs. Eleanor Morris
    Governor, Children's Cancer Foundation
  • The Hon. Tanya Chan
    Legislative Council member;
  • Non-Executive Director, Urban Renewal Authority
  • Mr. Philip Kan Siu-lun
    Non-Executive Director, Urban Renewal Authority
  • Ms. Winnie So Chui-ying
    Principal Assistant Secretary (Planning & Lands), Development Bureau


  • Mr. Michael Ma Chiu-tsee
    Director, Planning & Design, Urban Renewal Authority