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Press Releases
Managing Director of the URA, Mr Quinn Law (centre), Vice Chairman of the C&W District Council, Mr Chan Hok-fung (left) and Market Ambassador, Siu Yee, showing the special gifts of the promotion activity.
Guests attending the kick-off ceremony.
Senior Manager (Planning & Design), Mr Wilfred Au, explaining the design of the market stall.
Senior Manager (Planning & Design), Mr Wilfred Au, explaining the design of the market stall.

Graham Street Market Promotion Commenced

A three-week promotional activity of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) has officially commenced today (Tuesday) to enliven the century-old Graham Street Market. Its shoppers and patrons will be rewarded with special gifts when making purchases from operators taking part in the scheme.   Over 90 shop and stall operators of the Graham Street Market have joined the scheme, which is the second of its kind after the Double Rewards Scheme launched in December 2010.

Officiated by the Managing Director of the URA, Mr Quinn Law, the Vice Chairman of the Central & Western District Council, Mr Chan Hok-fung, and the Market Ambassador 'Siu Yee', the activity is launched with an aim to enhance public understanding of the features, activities, food and delicacies of the market.

The promotional activity will last until 24 January 2012.  Customers who make purchases from the participating operators during this period according to the theme of each week will be given a special gift free.  The theme of the first week is on vegetables and fruits while the second and the third will feature seafood/meat and groceries/eateries respectively.

The gifts, in four design series, include short-and long-sleeve Tee, placemats, tote bags and small plants.  All are locally and specially designed for the activity.

Speaking at the ceremony, the MD of the URA, Mr Quinn Law, said: "While the Graham Street Market is outside the boundary of the Peel Street/Graham Street project, we have adopted a sustainable approach in the planning and design of the project, taking into account the interests of the affected residents, operators and the community at large while offering opportunities to retain the historical and cultural characteristics as well as the social network of the district."

We are implementing the project in stages and are taking various measures to sustain and enhance its vibrancy, he added.

"First, the market stalls and the wet provision shops are closely correlated.  To facilitate their co-existence, URA plans to build, inter-alia, a two-storey retail shop building easily accessible from all directions in Site B, which is intended to accommodate wet provision shops choosing to return for businesses upon its completion."  

Mr Law noted that Site B would be tendered in the next six months inviting interested developers to bid and take part in joint development of the site.  Upon completion, Site B will provide some 177 residential flats, 32,000 square feet of retail area including a two-storey retail shop building, and some 5,000 square feet of open space.

Second, the URA has taken the initiative to help improve the safety of the business environment of the stall operators by installing electric facilities for the operators. We have also worked with the operators on the design of the stalls to make them safer and user-friendly, said Mr Law.

Third, the URA joins hands with the Central & Western District Council and the shop/stall operators in staging promotional activities to enhance market patronage.  Mr Law noted that the number of shoppers during the market promotional event last year increased significantly.