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URA welcomes appointment of Iris Tam Siu-ying as Managing Director

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Monday) welcomes the Government's appointment, which takes effect from 1 March 2013, of Ms Iris Tam Siu-ying as Managing Director of the URA.

The Chairman of the URA, Mr Barry Cheung, said: "My fellow Board members and I have been working closely with Ms Tam over the past six years, and we have been consistently impressed by her profound knowledge, insights and passion for urban renewal."   

Ms Tam joined the URA in 2006 as Executive Director (Planning and Project Control), and has been deputising for the Managing Director in project planning and management.  

Mr Cheung added: "Apart from her invaluable contribution to urban regeneration in Hong Kong, including the formulation of new policy proposals during the Urban Renewal Strategy Review, Iris also played a pivotal role in devising the implementation details for the new initiatives under the new Urban Renewal Strategy.

"Her passion and experience in tackling the problem of urban decay over the years put her in an excellent position to lead the URA into a new era of urban renewal."

According to Mr Cheung, Ms Tam's appointment is also timely and conducive to the smooth and seamless continuation of the work of the URA, especially when several of the Authority's new initiatives, such as its flat-for-flat arrangement and the redevelopment of demand-led projects and industrial buildings, are being implemented in the form of pilot schemes, and would have to be reviewed and refined.

On her appointment as Managing Director, Ms Tam, a registered professional planner, said she was very honoured by the appointment, and was committed to continue serving the community in her new capacity.

"I look forward to working closely with the URA Board, the management team and all staff members, the Government, especially the Development Bureau, Legislative Council, District Councils, and all other stakeholders, in undertaking urban renewal for the benefit of our community.  Working in concert, I am confident that we can meet the challenges ahead," said Ms Tam.