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Press Releases

URA welcomes appointment of Pius Cheng as Executive Director

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Tuesday) welcomes the Government's appointment of Mr Pius Cheng Kai-wah as an Executive Director of the URA, effective 1 January 2014.

"As one of the Executive Directors of the URA, Mr Cheng's profound knowledge and expertise in urban renewal, particularly in the areas of policy formulation and execution, are invaluable for advancing our core businesses of redevelopment and rehabilitation under the Urban Renewal Strategy (URS)," said the URA Chairman, Mr Victor So Hing-woh.

Mr Cheng first joined the URA in 2002 as a legal counsel, assisting to lay a solid foundation for the URA when it was set up.  He then served as the Authority's Director for Legal Services from 2007, and Director for Corporate and Legal Services since 2011. He has been playing a key role in formulating the implementation framework and details of the Authority's policies.

"His participation and involvement in devising the implementation framework and details for the new initiatives of the URS such as the flat-for-flat arrangement and the pilot scheme for demand-led redevelopment have resulted in taking off these pilot schemes smoothly," said Mr So.

On his appointment as an Executive Director, Mr Cheng, a qualified solicitor, said he is very honoured by the appointment, and is committed to continue serving the community in his new capacity.

Mr Cheng said: "I look forward to continue working closely with the URA Board, the management team and all staff members, the Government, especially the Development Bureau, Legislative Council, District Councils, and all other stakeholders, in advancing urban renewal initiatives for the benefit of our community."