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URA’s San Shan Road/Pau Chung Street Project in Ma Tau Kok received eight tender offers

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Monday) announced that a total of eight tender offers have been received for the residential-cum-commercial development of San Shan Road/Pau Chung Street project in Ma Tau Kok.

A tender review panel will consider the tenders received and make recommendation to the URA Board for a decision on the award of a development agreement in respect of this project.

Earlier, the URA invited 19 property developers to submit a tender for the development after they had put forward their expressions of interest.

With a site area of about 1,170 square metres, the project occupies a corner site abutting San Shan Road and Pau Chung Street in Ma Tau Kok.
The project is planned to deliver a total gross floor area of about 10,534 square metres for an estimated total of 144 residential units, together with the provision of commercial space of about 1,756 square metres.