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Director (Planning and Design) of the URA, Mr Michael Ma (centre), General Manager (Acquisition & Clearance), Mr Kelvin Chung (left), and General Manager (Planning and Design) of the URA, Mr Lawrence Mak (right), at the media briefing for the commencement of three new redevelopment projects.
Existing view of Hung Fook Street/Ngan Hon Street Development Scheme (KC-010)
Existing view of Hung Fook Street/Ngan Hon Street Development Scheme (KC-010)
Site plan of Hung Fook Street/Ngan Hon Street Development Scheme (KC-010), Hung Fook Street/Kai Ming Street Development Project (KC-011), and Wing Kwong Street Development Project (KC-012).
Site plan of Hung Fook Street/Ngan Hon Street Development Scheme (KC-010), Hung Fook Street/Kai Ming Street Development Project (KC-011), and Wing Kwong Street Development Project (KC-012).

URA adopts holistic, district-based approach in commencing three new projects in Kowloon City

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Friday) commences the planning procedure of three redevelopment projects in Kowloon City, taking a holistic and district-based urban renewal approach to rejuvenate the district with more community benefits while improving the living environment of residents.

The three projects, namely Hung Fook Street/Ngan Hon Street Development Scheme (KC-010), Hung Fook Street/Kai Ming Street Development Project (KC-011), and Wing Kwong Street Development Project (KC-012), will bring the total number of redevelopment projects implemented by the URA in Kowloon City to 13, including one being carried out under the pilot scheme of the demand-led redevelopment project.

The three new project sites altogether cover a total area of about 8,840 square metres, involving a total of 97 street numbers of buildings that were built between 1957 and 1960. These buildings, which are six to eight storeys tall without elevator, are generally in varied and poor conditions with subdivided units. Unauthorised building structures are also found on the roof top of many of the buildings.

At a media briefing to announce the projects, Director (Planning & Design), Mr Michael Ma, said the URA has conducted an Area Planning Study in Kowloon City/To Kwa Wan district by adopting a comprehensive approach to regenerate the district in local community planning manner.

"Based on this study, the URA is taking a holistic and district-based approach in planning and implementing these three projects with a view to rejuvenating the area with a more effective road network and the provision of an underground communal car park serving the local community and to avoid car park entrances at individual developments which will destroy the street fronts," he said.

Mr Ma added that the projects would create synergy to the traffic enhancement brought about by the Bailey Street/Wing Kwong Street Project (KC-009), which was commenced in March this year, as a through road would be provided connecting Wing Kwong Street, Kai Ming Street, Hung Fook Street and Ngan Hon Street under the three projects which would form part of the proposed road network extending from Wan On Street of the KC-009 project.

It is the plan of the URA to implement KC-010 by way of a development scheme under section 25 of the URA Ordinance and the other two projects (KC-011 and KC-012) by way of a development project under section 26 of the URA Ordinance.

Under the URA's initial proposal, the sites will be redeveloped into three clusters of developments to provide about 61,200 square metres of residential floor area for about 1,360 flats. Some 12,250 square metres of commercial/retail floor area will also be included in the new developments. The project is tentatively scheduled for completion by 2025/2026. The total development cost for the projects, calculated at current prices, is estimated to reach some $10 billion.

In accordance with section 23 of the URA Ordinance, an URA notice announcing the commencement of the three projects is published in the Gazette today.

The URA will shortly submit a draft Development Scheme Plan (DSP) of the Hung Fook Street/Ngan Hon Street (KC-010) project including the Stage 1 Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Report to the Town Planning Board (TPB), which will be available for public inspection. The Stage 2 SIA Report will also be submitted later to TPB and will be available for public inspection. If the submitted draft DSP is deemed to be suitable for publication under the Town Planning Ordinance after consideration by the TPB, it will be exhibited by the TPB for public inspection for a period of two months. During this period, any person may make representation in writing to the TPB in respect of the draft DSP. The approval of the draft DSP, as the case may be, will only be granted by the Chief Executive in Council after the process of handling of representations received by the TPB on URA's draft DSP submission.

A two-month publication period will also begin from today for the two development projects at Hung Fook Street/Kai Ming Street (KC-011) and Wing Kwong Street (KC-012). Within the period, site plans delineating the boundary of the projects plus general descriptions will be put on display for public inspection at:

  • the URA Headquarters (26/F, COSCO Tower, 183 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong);
  • the URA's Ma Tau Wai Neighbourhood Centre (Shop A, G/F, Maid Shine Court, 426-430 Ma Tau Wai Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon); and
  • the Public Enquiry Service Centre of the Kowloon City District Office (LG/F, Kowloon City Government Offices, 42 Bailey Street, Hung Hom, Kowloon)

The URA will make the Stage One Social Impact Assessment (SIA) reports of KC-011 and KC-012 projects available for public information in accordance with the Urban Renewal Strategy at the abovementioned venues from 3 June 2016. The Stage Two SIA reports will be made available for public information at the same locations from 20 July 2016.

Should there be any written objections to KC-011 and KC-012 received during the two-month publication period, the URA will consider the objections carefully. According to section 24 of the URA Ordinance, the Authority will submit its deliberation on the objections, the unwithdrawn objections, and an assessment of the likely effect of the implementation of the projects to the Secretary for Development for consideration. The Secretary for Development shall then consider the development projects and any objections which are not withdrawn and determine whether to authorise, amend or decline to authorise the development projects.

Also speaking at the media briefing, General Manager (Acquisition & Clearance), Mr Kelvin Chung, said the URA would proceed with acquisition of the properties and rehousing for the tenants in accordance with the prevailing acquisition and rehousing policies after the three projects obtained their respective approvals from the Chief Executive in Council and Secretary for Development.

The three projects affect a total of about 730 property interests. It is estimated that there are about 1,210 households and about 110 ground floor shops. About 260 URA staff members have been deployed to conduct the freezing survey today to ascertain the actual number of households and the occupancy status of the three projects. The URA will arrange a series of briefing sessions to explain to the affected owners and tenants the planning approval procedure and acquisition and compensation arrangements.

Two urban renewal social service teams, which have been appointed by Urban Renewal Fund, will be on site to render assistance. The social service team for KC-010 project will be staffed by professional social workers of St. James' Settlement (Tel. 2857 1606), while KC-011 and KC-012 projects will be serviced by Christian Family Service Centre (Tel. 2110 9745). Affected residents can also visit the URA's Ma Tau Wai Neighbourhood Centre in person; or call the URA's Hotline at 2588 2333 for enquiries. Members of the public can also visit the URA Website at for information about the three projects.

Existing Project Details

Project Name KC-010
Hung Fook Street / Ngan Hon Street
Hung Fook Street / Kai Ming Street 
Wing Kwong Street 
  • Nos. 1 -51 Hung Fook Street (odd nos.)
  • Nos. 2 - 42A Ngan Hon Street (even nos.)
  • Nos. 16 -46 Hung Fook Street (even nos.)
  • Nos. 21 -39 Kai Ming Street (odd nos.)
  • Nos. 35 -37 Wing Kwong Street (odd nos.)
  • Nos. 1 - 27 Wing Kwong Street (odd nos.)
Total project area About 4,950m² About 2,630m² About 1,260m²
No. of affected street numbers 55 28 14
Estimated no. of property interests About 430 About 230 About 70
Estimated no. of households About 700 About 370 About 140
No. of storeys 6 to 8 7 to 8 6
Building age 1957 - 1960 1957 - 1959 1957

Proposed Development Contents for three redevelopment projects:
Hung Fook Street/ Ngan Hon Street (KC-010)
Hung Fook Street/Kai Ming Street (KC-011)
Wing Kwong Street (KC-012)

No. of flats About 1,360
Domestic GFA About 61,200m²
Commercial GFA About 12,250m²
Estimated completion date 2025 / 2026