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38 Expressions of Interest received for URA’s Tung Chau Street/Kweilin Street Demand-led Redevelopment Project

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) received a total of 38 Expressions of Interest for the development of the Tung Chau Street/Kweilin Street demand-led redevelopment project in Sham Shui Po when the invitation for submission closed today (Tuesday).

A tender review panel under the URA Board will shortlist the qualified developers, taking into consideration their experience and financial capability to undertake the development in accordance with the requirements and criteria set by the URA.  The URA will soon invite the qualified developers to submit tenders for the development based on the principal tender terms approved by the URA Board earlier.

The project, which covers an area of about 1,490 square metres, was commenced in April 2013 under the second round of the URA’s Demand-led Redevelopment Projects (Pilot Scheme).  Upon completion, the project will provide a maximum total gross floor area of about 13,410 square metres.  The commercial portion of the new development will be designated for the Sham Shui Po Design and Fashion Project in response to the initiatives of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau to nurture design and fashion talents and turn the district into a design and fashion landmark.

The successful developer will be required to construct the development in compliance with the standard and quality requirements, the environmentally sustainable provisions and smart provisions in respect of home energy and water consumption system, home health and wellness system, smart display, home waste management system, building information modelling system and building management system set out in the development agreement of the project with the aim of creating a sustainable living environment.