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Press Releases

URA welcomes appointments to the URA Board

The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) today (Friday) welcomes the Government's appointment of the Honourable Chow Chung-kong as the Chairman of the URA Board for a term of three years, effective 1 May 2019, as well as the other new appointments and re-appointments to the URA Board. 

Commenting on the appointment, Mr Chow said, "I feel privileged to be appointed Chairman of the URA.  The URA is an important institution charged with the responsibility to improve the standard of housing and the built environment of Hong Kong through urban regeneration. 

I look forward to working with fellow members of the Board, URA colleagues and our many stakeholders in the community to enhance the quality of living, particularly for those in older districts of Hong Kong.”

The URA also expresses its greatest gratitude and sincere appreciation for the counsel and contributions of 11 out-going members of the Board, including in particular its Chairman Mr Victor So Hing-woh, who will retire on 30 April 2019 after some six years of dedicated services on the Board.

Over the past six years, the URA Board under the leadership of Mr So and his fellow members has given invaluable advices and suggestions on a number of new and promising initiatives on the “4Rs” (Redevelopment, Rehabilitation, Preservation and Revitalisation) work of URA, guided by a 'people-first, district-based and public-participatory' approach under the Urban Renewal Strategy.  With the steer and endorsement from a forward-looking Board, the URA team has made great strides in regenerating a number of old urban areas under a holistic, district-based approach, while pressing ahead with two strategic studies, namely Yau Mong District Study and Building Rehabilitation Strategy Study, to identify more effective solutions and open up new opportunities in combating the severe urban renewal problems and realising sustainable urban regeneration for the people of Hong Kong in the years to come.